Human resource specialists, line managers and company owners are frequently faced with the decision as to the most cost effective recruitment strategy. Do it yourself and contingency recruitment are the predominant methods but retained recruitment proved successful in saving line managers valuable time and enabling them to focus upon their key performance indicators. However, contingency is the preferred option by most companies since the onslaught of flat organizational structures and less tolerance for error in selection.

Indecision over which recruitment method to use results in:
A long drawn out selection process
Good candidates being lost
Repetition of the company’s own recruitment activities
Costly use of managers/team leaders time

The issue involved is whether or not to use a recruitment consultant
Strategic Choices
The choices are:
Do it yourself

Do it Yourself

Human resource and line managers advertise, vet, interview, shortlist and select new staff themselves without the assistance of external consultants. This is still common among line managers yet it carries the highest risk of appointing the wrong person. There is a commonly held misconception among less experienced line managers that it is also the least costly approach.

However, if you have considerable spare time, a small budget and are confident in your recruitment expertise then you could consider this option, but, if you have that much time available, do you really need an extra person.

The question of the value to the organization of line managers who do their own recruiting needs to be raised, especially if they can afford to spend large hunks of time away from core business.

Retained recruitment normally means:
One third of the fee is paid up front, a second third on short listing and the final third on the signing of the employment contract.
The consultant will promise to focus on finding the right candidate until a successful placement is made.

This approach involves using consultancies who search on a “no find, no fee” basis regardless of the effort, time or resources they put into the process.

The consultants provide candidates from their current database, eliminating the time factor. These candidates have already been interviewed, screened and tested. Rite-fit Consulting Limited as a specialist recruitment agency, will have a selection of candidates immediately available for your consideration.

The consultants can advertise on your behalf focusing on the right candidate until a successful placement is made. This is especially suitable when the industry is unusual or specialized.

Certainly with hiring managers being fearful of making a mistake, their hesitation often results in the loss of good candidates. With the growth in the IT industry and IT Managers and Team Leaders wanting experienced staff, the demand is such that these candidates do not have to look far or long before they are placed. Rite-fit Consulting Limited, as a specialist recruitment agency, can offer a selection of experienced candidates immediately, but the Managers and Team Leaders must realize that these staff will be placed quickly and the hiring process in larger organizations can often result in their losing their choice because the decision is not made quickly enough.

Rite-fit Consulting Limited, your recruitment choice
Rite-fit Consulting specializes in the recruitment of staff for IT positions.
Our consultants recognize that every environment is different, every recruitment need unique.
They listen and hear your requirements and then search for the candidate to match your criteria.
You can budget for your recruitment needs with no need to factor in the cost of managers and team leaders time.
Positions can be filled quickly eliminating costly down time.
Rite-fit Consulting candidates are vetted, interviewed, tested and matched to your recruitment needs.
Rite-fit Consulting can provide permanent and contract staff.
Rite-fit Consulting can assist with your training needs.