At Rite-fit Consulting, we believe in 'Total Recruitment Solutions' that result in long-term gain for all involved.

We will work with you to achieve the ideal fit, not just technically but also culturally. We will take the time to understand your company, philosophies, and business directions. We reduce the cost of recruiting and provide a service that corresponds with our name.

Employers gain a staff member who fits company culture, is happy making a long-term commitment to the company, and who gives more than just their time.

Applicants gain a 'career-champion' that continuously work with them to manage their careers and goals.

The key to Rite-fit’s success is our commitment to understanding the unique characteristics of the companies we work with and the candidates we present for positions.

Our unique employment methodology combines human resources with recruitment for strategic planning and staff retention. This is what we mean by ‘Total Recruitment Solutions’

To find out more about Rite-fit Consulting and how you can enjoy the long-term benefits of working with our team, or if you are simply looking for some impartial advice please call on +64 9 630-8811.

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